Sms Gateway with Modem Huawei e220 and Ubuntu

Sms Gateway with Modem Huawei e220 and Ubuntu

After surfing a few times in Google about sms gateway, finally succeeded try sms gateway with gammu in modem huawei e220 and ubuntu 9.04.

The following steps to install gammu on ubuntu 9.04 with modem huawei e220.

  • Install Web Server (nginx), Mysql and PHP5
  • $ sudo apt-get install gammu
  • $ sudo vi /etc/gammurc [gammu] port = /dev/ttyUSB0 #model = 6110 connection = at115200 #synchronizetime = yes #logfile = gammulog #logformat = textall #use_locking = yes #gammuloc = locfile #startinfo = yes #gammucoding = utf8 #rsslevel = teststable #usephonedb = yes
  • $ gammu –identify Manufacturer : huawei Model : E220 (E220) Firmware : IMEI : 351827018945544 SIM IMSI : 510016890007714

After the modem detection has been successful means to install gammu. Now we try to send sms : $ gammu sendsms text +6281392515431 Enter message text and press ^D:

It’s now combine gammu with mysql. Create a database with the name of sms. Insert of the database instance with the default sms gammu.

$ sudo gedit /etc/smsdrc

[smsd] PIN = 1234 logfile = smsdlog commtimeout = 1 sendtimeout = 10

# —–SETTINGS FOR –smsd MYSQL or –smsd PGSQL——–$

user = root      # user database password =     #  password  database pc = localhost    #  location databse database = smsd  # name database

Ok, run gammu with mysql  :

$ gammu --smsd MYSQL /etc/smsdrc Log filename is "smsdlog" Press Ctrl+C to stop the program ...

Following the example of gammu – mysql – PHP5

Sms Gateway with Modem Huawei e220 and Ubuntu

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